Broad-spectrum enterprise product design leader 

with proven track record in Finance, Healthcare and Retail

Wells Fargo



Bank of America




Blue Shield




For 15+ years, I've been designing digital products.


My efforts are mostly focused on calibrating business goals against user needs.


Celebrating creativity and delivering quality solutions alongside multitalented individuals is how I see my daily work contribution. 

With a focus on tools and methods, my professional identity is to be a purveyor of strategic thought leadership through data-driven insights, coupled with a commitment to innovating at the tactical level.

The software ecosystem continues to change dramatically and relentlessly, requiring constant questioning of the status quo.

Let's be in the driver's seat.

​As a pragmatist, I believe the purpose of design is to deliver results to the business by providing value to the user.


The process of delivering on strategic intent requires good team work.

  • I hope to connect enterprise product strategy
    to everyday business tactics


  • I strive to build, nurture and grow effective,
    multidisciplinary product design teams


  • I consider myself a straight shooter, who doesn't
    beat around the bush


  • I will commit to listen first and foremost, before
    acting, responding, designing


  • I'm always learning, and failed attempts are
    simply an avenue for progression


I am a product designer

From hand-coding UI to managing a team of 12 people, 

I've had opportunities to hone many skills.

These are the things I do:

  • Design Workshops

  • Quantitative Research

  • Qualitative Research

  • Prototyping

  • UI design

  • Information Architecture

  • Espresso Making

  • Career Management

  • Skills Mentorship

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Design Systems

  • Business Strategy

  • Storyboards

  • Client-side programming

case studies

Here are a few selected projects attempting to encapsulate how I tackle the complexities of large-scale projects for Fortune 100 corporations.

Plus, a collection of agency projects.

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